Libraries Rock! Monday, July 23rd CHANGE OF TIME & PLACE - 10:30 am at the Library

The final program for this year's Summer Reading activities "EARTH, MUSIC...MAGIC" with Bill Kehl, sponsored by Bug Tussell will be held at the library on Monday, July 23 at 10:30 am.  "Earth, Music...Magic" is an exciting program and here's what to expect: Learning about the incredible wonders of the natural world...discovering and listening to the simple beauty of primitive musical's a magical (and fun!) combination that just might leave you a bit more in awe of this magnificent universe and the beautiful planet that we all share together and call our home.  Spontaneous music, songs, stories, humor, juggling and a whole cast of audience participation... wowzer!  Following the program, raffle winners will be drawn and prizes awarded.  Of course, we'll have popcorn!  Tell your firends and bring the family for this incredible program.