Libraries Rock! A Successful Summer Event

What a great turnout for the Summer Reading Program, "Libraries Rock! We held seven different programs, with the help of several volunteers.  The Polka Party was a fun event, featuring the Albright Polka band. The 4-H advisor, Heidi Hensel-Buntrock kicked off the summer morning programs with rock painting.  Paul Sattler shared his expertise with the children and demonstrated rock identification and rock cutting.  Each person took home a kit to “grow” their own crystals.  Many later brought them in to share the results.  For our 4th of July celebration we showed the movie “Sing”, followed by a hot dog picnic.  Unfortunately, the Mariachi Band couldn’t find the library, so we improvised, making our own band with plastic flutes.  The kids had fun anyways!  Kristi Timmerman assisted the children (and parents) in making some marvelous stepping stones.  We ended with Bill Kehl’s “Earth, Music…Magic” program (this one was sponsored by Bug Tussel Wireless.)  This year's summer programs would not have happened without the support of many people and groups.  Thank you to the First Lutheran Endowment Fund for underwriting this year's events, to Bug Tussel Wireless for sponsoring our performer, Bill Kehl, to the following volunteers who gave their time and talent:  Kristi Timmerman, Paul Sattler, Heidi Hensel-Buntrock, 4-H advisor, Amber Wiltgen, our expert popcorn maker and our youth volunteers, AJ & Kaitlyn.  A special "thank you" to the Poy Sippi Library Board for all their help and support.