What's Happening With the "Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces" Grant

It's hard to believe that we are two-thirds of the way through the grant process.  The Project Team of Tracie Young, Sue Albright, Jennifer Moen, Rebecca Kindischi, Terry Lippert and I have been dilegently looking over the suggestions from the Community Discovery meetings. Our next step is to decide on what improvements and furnishings will be put in the redesigned area of the older part of the library.  As we look through the catalogs for "just the right" chairs and tables, all agreed that a "pop of color" is in order.  We are in the process of constructing the prototype of what the space will look like when it is finished. The linear drawing is completed and the 3-D display is getting assembled.  Thanks to the generousity of Fortifi Bank, we now  have a smart screen that will be mounted in the area.  Donated by the Timmerman family, we have a child-sized wooden kitchen.  Both donations enable us to spend some of the money from the grant elsewhere.  As we approach the final phase, many volunteers will be needed to help move the shelves & books, paint the paneling and, naturally, put everything back.  I invited you to come see what we are doing based on your desires to make the Poy Sippi Library a great place to be!